Smart dryer


Smart Dryer Indoor/outdoor dryer.
The Smart Dryer offers versatility for your clothes drying needs.
It can easily be installed indoors on a wall, outdoors hung on a balcony railing or fence, and even on RVs for camping. Its sturdy stainless steel construction can withstand loads of over 50 lbs. All necessary hardware is included for easy installation.

  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • On recreational vehicles for camping
  • Solid stainless steel construction
2 sizes available:
  • Regular 46-inch retractable
  • 9 rods for over 33 feet of suspension space
  • 46 (W) x 5.5 (D) x 7.75 (H) Closed
  • 46 (W) x 25 (D) x 7.75 (H) Open
  • Compact 31-inch retractable
  • 5 rods for over 13 feet of suspension space
  • 31.5 (W) x 4.5 (D) x 7.5 (H) Closed
  • 31.5 (W) x 14 (D) x 7.5 (H) Open

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