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Brosse à dent, adulte charbon bambou

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Enhance your oral care with our high-quality bamboo toothbrushes.

FSC CERTIFIED BAMBOO: Our bamboo forests are certified as well-managed by the global authority for sustainable practices, the Forest Stewardship Council.

BIODEGRADABLE HANDLE: Once finished, you can remove the bristles and dispose of your bamboo handle in the compost or your garden.

CHARCOAL SILKS (BPA Free): Our high-quality charcoal bristles let you deep-clean hard-to-reach areas and naturally whiten your teeth.

VEGAN CERTIFIED + CRUELESS We love animals and our planet!

MINIMAL + INTENTIONAL PACKAGING: Sustainably printed with soy-based ink. Some toothbrush orders, including our subscriptions, can be received without the box and with the envelope sealed only to avoid over-packaging.

Free delivery on all purchases over $100.00 (before taxes and/or use of a promotional code).

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