Bamboo fiber mug


Save the planet AND look chic? Count us in.
Use it with your favorite hot and cold drinks.

SUSTAINABLE: Over 16 billion disposable coffee cups end up in our landfills every year. This daily morning routine adds up!

WASHABLE AND REUSABLE: Our durable, eco-friendly bamboo fiber cups are dishwasher-safe and can be reused daily.

HIGH-QUALITY SILICONE COVER AND HANDLE: antimicrobial and easy to wash.

EASY MAINTENANCE: Dishwasher-safe. Can also be washed by hand.

SIZE: 16 oz ( comparable to Starbucks Grande and Tim Horton’s Large)

Dishwasher safe || Do not microwave

Tea and coffee contain natural tannins, which can stain your cup. To help remove stains, try gently sprinkling baking soda over wet spots on the mug. Wait 20-30 minutes, wash gently and repeat if necessary.

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